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Our Fees

Fair fees all-round

As both landlords and tenants, we know what people don’t like about agent fees. Our fees are representative of the time and resources required in order to manage tenancies.  

We outsource our tenant-finding to the very best, and most trusted agents.

After our partner-agents have moved you in, it’s over to us to provide the best service we can.

All fees include VAT.

£ 0
Renewal Fees

We are fully compliant with new laws meaning no renewal or referencing fees

£ 50

*unless other reasonable costs incurred- New tenant joining - Tenant leaving - Early Termination (subject to landlord

Fair Lifetime (RES + COM)

  Any amendments required during the course of your tenancy will incur the following admin fee.   Renewal fees are necessary to prepare the  contract again and issue to both landlord and tenants to approve. We do not believe in high renewal fees. Instead we charge what is  only absolutely necessary based on the hours required to complete.

Fair Check In/Out (RES)

To make things fair, the landlord covers

the check in inventory report- you only

have to pay for the check out inventory!

  Check out inventory reports range from £80 – £340 depending on property size and will be deducted from the 6 weeks’ security deposit we register for you at the start of your tenancy.
£ 0
Check Out

We are fully compliant with new laws meaning no check in or out fees for tenants

£ 30
Loss of Keys

PLUS any contractor call out fees Includes VAT

£ 30
AST Included Maintenance

PLUS contractor call-out costs that are covered by Tenancy Agreement. E.g. Light bulb replacement Includes VAT

£ 30
Late Rent

Per Letter every 2 weeks rent is not paid. Includes VAT

£ 12
Late Utilities Payment

Every 4 weeks since first requesting meter readings or payment.

Fair Liability (RES + COM)

  For things that are not the fault of the landlord or the property itself, but still require call outs, charges must be covered by the Tenant(s).