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Metering Top-Up

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Pre-payment meter top-ups and information


If your property is served by one of our Iskra  MeterPay smart sub-meters (as shown) then please use this page to top up your meter, access your metering account or find out more information.


Please use the buttons below for easy navigation. 
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Quickly top up your meter using the button below (you will be redirected to MeterPay

We recommend using our Instructions to set up automatic top-ups to ensure you are never left without power when home or away.



You can call 01183 240450 to top-up via Meterpay over the phone 24/7.

You will need your meter serial number (learn where to find it by clicking here), postcode and debit/credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do tenants add credit to the meter?

There are three methods available for topping up the meter:

1. Our dedicated top-up telephone line: 01183 240450
2. Via the web portal through our Quick Top Up
3. Auto Top-Up, which is available through our Tenant Portal. The meter can be set to automatically charge the registered card upon reaching a certain level of credit.

How do I activate my Emergency Credit?

When the credit has nearly run out the black triangle flag above the letters “EC” will start flashing.
You can activate the emergency credit by pushing the blue button down until the display says “Credit”.
Release the button and the display will say “EC Select”. This confirms that the meter is now running on Emergency Credit, giving you a short breathing space to top-up the meter before you run out of electricity.

How do I view my consumption?

You can register for an account by clicking on the link to the “Tenant Portal” sign in page.
Register a new account and complete the consumer application form. Once we have accepted your request to add you as the consumer, you will receive a notification email and you will be able to login to your account.
From our Tenant Portal you can see your tariff and graphs of your consumption.

How do I set up Auto Top-Ups

From the Tenant Portal you can register your credit or debit card to use it to automatically top-up your meter when your credit runs low.
It is very important to remember to cancel your auto top-up when you end your tenancy as we cannot refund any credits to the meter.

What to do when you see Invalid or Missing CSRF token when adding credit?

It is most unlikely that you will see this error message when trying to add credit to your meter, but if you do, it means that either the browser couldn’t create a secure cookie or access it.
This can be caused by ad- or script-blocking programs, but also by the browser itself, if it’s not allowed to set cookies.
The easiest way to solve this issue is simply to use another browser, eg change to Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

What happens when my Tenancy Ends?

Any unused credit is not refunded, but left on the meter.
If the landlord, or the incoming tenants, wish to refund the old tenant for this credit then this is a private arrangement between themselves.
It is important that the out-going tenant remembers to cancel any auto-top up that they have set-up.